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Confinement Elemental semiconductors Adsorption Photoelectron spectroscopy Electronic structure Amorphous semiconductors Chalcogenide glass Gold X-ray spectroscopy Band engineering XPS Electron emission Crystal structure Gradient and other corrections Electrons GeTe Band structure Mechanical stress Scanning tunneling microscopy Monte Carlo methods Chalcogenide Ellipsometry Epitaxial layers Plasmon Iron Spin-crossover Atomic Nanoconfinement Nanotechnology Molecular X-ray diffraction Electron Neutron diffraction BEEM Metals Molecular dynamics Pauli exclusion principle Local density approximation Photocrystallography GaP/Si Metal-insulator transitions and other electronic transitions Ageing Spin-statistics Pauli Polymers 8CB Quantum dots Silicon Structure électronique Thermoelectrics Binary mixtures Wave functions Liquid crystals Graphene Models Thin films X-ray photoelectron spectra Hybrid materials Optical activity Thin film Phase transition Electronic properties Chalcogenides Quenched disorder Aluminum Raman spectroscopy Multi-scale electronic transport Neutron scattering Binary liquids Integrated photonics Molecular simulation Liquid-crystal Neutron III-V semiconductors Magnetic properties Ballistic transport Spin transition Photonics on silicon Chemical Optical properties Magnesium compounds Molecular beam epitaxy Surface tension Density functional theory Multiple scattering Photoluminescence Interfaces Differential scanning calorimetry Temperature Amorphous carbon Quantum mechanics Schottky barriers Organic compounds Nanostructured materials Gran Sasso Defects Underground experiment Hot electrons Water Spectroscopic ellipsometry